Legal wedding contract is one in which the bride and the groom enter the wedlock by registering their marriage with an authorized institution. The legal wedding contract specifies the terms and conditions that both the parties agree to in this contract.

Sample Legal Wedding Contracts

This contract is entered into between Joseph Isaac hereafter referred to as the groom and Janice Ace hereafter referred to as bride for the purpose of entering into the contract of marriage and mutual agreement between the two on the 29th day of May 2013 in the presence of witnesses from the bride and the groom’s side . The bride is aged 24 years and the groom is aged 28 years and is declared to be of marriageable age according to the Lancashire civil law.  The bride and the groom have the citizenship of London and are permitted to wed legally in the country.

Declarations by the Groom and the Bride :-

  • The groom and the bride agree to be bound by the legal wedding which is undertaken with the free consent and will of both the parties to the contract. The couple also declares that there is no force or use of violence against them for the performance of this marriage.
  • The groom and the bride declare that they will follow monogamy and have never been married to any other person earlier. The groom and bride also declare that they have the right to marry each other and are not violating any clause of the civil marriage act of the state.
  • The groom and the bride declare that in the event of separation from each other the couple can seek petition for separation in the civil court of Lancashire only after completion of one year of marriage and not earlier than that.

Signature of Groom    __________________________

Signature of Bride       __________________________

Signature of Witness 1  _________________________

Signature of Witness 2  _________________________

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