A lease sublease agreement is made by a primary tenant who subleases a property to another tenant for which he receives a monthly rent from the subtenant. The other terms and conditions are similar to any lease contract where the rules of the original lease contract automatically get added to the sublease contract with the addition of the new rent details.

Sample Lease Sublease Contract:

This sublease is made between Donna Ray of 31 Street, Austin, herein referred to as the tenant, and Joe Banna of Justin Lane, Austin, herein referred to as the subtenant, entered on September 8, 2011.

The tenant hereby leases to the subtenant the premises located at 21 West Anderson Lane to be used solely for residential purpose by the subtenant, for a term which commences from September 8, 2011 to September 8, 2012, that is one year.

The said premises refer to the lease between the primary tenant Donna Ray and landlord Monica Lawson signed on March 1, 2011.

The subtenant shall pay the tenant a monthly sum of $500 plus a security deposit of $700 as a precaution against any damages to the property.

The subtenant shall be responsible for paying the various utility bills and general maintenance of the property.

There may be surprise inspection of the property by the tenant.

Both parties agree to a notice period of 1 month which can be given by either side.

The undersigned agree to the terms mentioned above.

Signature of tenant: Donna Ray

Signature of subtenant: Joe Banna

Signature of witness: Erica Ray



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