A lease contract is an agreement between the owner of the property and the renter to use the property for a defined period of time at an agreed rent. It is a formal, legal document wherein the terms and conditions are well laid out and negotiated before signing of the contract. A lease contract template is a readymade document that can be formatted and used accordingly.

Sample Lease Contract Template

The agreement has been made and signed on ______________ Day of _______________, 20XX

Between the following two parties;

_____________________________                                    _______________________

_____________________________                                    _______________________

____________________________                                      ________________________

(First Party, Tenant) (Full name and address)                      (Second Party, Landlord)(Full name

and address)

Agreeing to the terms laid down in the contract, both the Tenant and Landlord mutually enter into the agreement wherein the Landlord will rent the property located in ___________________________________________ (provide complete address) for a period of ___________________Months/Years (Mentions the time period of leasing the property) Starting from _____________________ (Give date from when the tenant can start residing in the said property)

The property shall be leased for residence purposes only.

Upon expiration of the given period, the tenant can either

Purchase the property entirely

Lease the property for further use


The tenant shall pay the landlord an amount of ______________________________ (Provide details of the amount agreed upon by both the parties for leasing) on or after leasing the property.

The payment shall be paid in the following manner;

(The payment terms maybe discussed here. It could be either monthly, or in 4/6 installments.)

If the tenant is unable to make the payments according to the decided dates; the landlord reserves the rights to take back the possession of the property.

The maintenance of the property shall be undertaken by the tenant until the term of the contract.

In agreement to the given contract, the tenant and landlord attach their signatures

Signature of the Landlord                                                            Signature of the Tenant

_________________________                                                   ________________________



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