A lease contract letter is a lease contract which is sent from one party to another in the form of a letter and is used to specify the various details of the contract such as the names of the parties, addresses, terms and conditions, commencement date, termination date etc. Any lease contract letter must be a formally drafted document.

Sample Lease Contract Letter


The Landlord, Bob J

Address: 1203 Southeast Boulevard, San Angelo, TX


Dear Bob,

Subject: lease contract letter specifying the terms of the contract

I, the TENANT wish to state to you that I have gone through the details of the lease and agree to form a contract with you. The various details of the contract are given as follows:

Commencement date: 4th July 2011

Termination date: 4th July 2012

Effective period: 12 months.

Rent per month: $500

Address of space put on lease: 4-f, First floor, Markson tower, LA

The following are the terms and conditions of the lease contract:

  • Mr. Bob J, who is the LANDLORD, is the sole owner of the property with the above mentioned address which consists of 2 bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and two bathrooms along with a garage has been rented by Mr. David Cruise, The TENANT.
  • The tenant has also agreed to pay for the utility bills until the term of leasing the property.
  • The LANDLORD agrees to provide the TENANT with free electricity, internet connection and water supply.

Kindly acknowledge and revert.

Thank You,

Tenants Signature

(David Cruise)

5-H, second floor, Harold tower, LA




Lease Buyout

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