A lease contract form is a formally drafted form or a document which is made or drafted when two parties, one the lessor and other the lessee agree to lease a certain piece of property, object or any other entity amongst themselves and a certain amount of money or lease payment is also involved. These contract forms consist of certain terms and conditions which are legally binding and cannot be violated under any circumstances by any of the parties. Given below is a sample of one such lease contract form.

Sample lease contract form:


This lease contract form is made on the date: 30th march 2012

Date of termination of lease contract form: 30th March 2013


This lease contract form has been formed between LESSOR and LESSEE with the following details:


Name: Greg Franklin

Contact number: 4940703403404

Official address: W-78, second floor, Rex tower, CA


Name: Tim Henry

Contact number:4702947902304

Official address: 56-h, third floor, Fred building, CA


Details of the lease:

Property address to be leased: 23-h, third floor, Markson lane, CA

Period of lease: 12 months

Amount to be paid per month: $5000



Terms and conditions:

  • The LESSOR agrees to lease the property but only for official use or purpose to the LESSEE.
  • The LESSEE agrees to pay the due amount within the first week of each month or shall be penalised by a sum of $500 with every passing week.
  • The LESSOR shall be given a right to pay a visit to the property whenever he wishes by giving a prior notice to the LESSEE one week in advance.


Signatures of the parties:

Greg Franklin

Tim Henry



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