A lease contract is a document that outlines the conditions and terms that are to be followed before renting a property. It is duly signed by both the parties and the rules set need to be followed accordingly. A lease contract example helps to understand the layout of a lease contract.

Sample Lease Contract Example

This lease contract has been entered on 22nd August, 2006, between

Ms. Jacqueline. Smith (hereinafter the landlord)


Mr. Patrick. McConnell (hereinafter the tenant)

For the property on; 123rd Street, House Number: 6, Jacksonville, Florida

This Lease contract begins from 25nd September, 2006 and ends on 26th December 2007 and shall be used solely for residential purposes.

1.The tenant agrees to pay a sum of $400 per month by the 29th of every month in advance, as the rent of the property. Failing to pay, the owner reserves the right take back the property.

2. A security deposit of $ 1000 shall be given by the tenant before residing in the property

3. In case of Expiration of the contract, the tenant can either renew the contract for a period of 11 months, or purchase the property entirely

4. All the utility bills shall be paid by the tenant from the time of occupancy

5. Tenant shall not paint, stick carpet or put excessive nails throughout the house. The tenant shall not in any manner make structural changes within the residential unit.

6. The tenant agrees not to sublet the residential unit to a third party.

Agreeing to the above terms, the tenant and the owner affix their signatures

Signature of the Tenant

Mr. Patrick McConnell


Signature of the Landlord

Ms. Jacqueline Smith

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