A lawn service contract draws the task between the company which provides the lawn care  service and the customer who is availing lawn care service so that the interest of both the parties are protected and there is no misunderstanding arising out of verbal communication.

Sample Lawn Service Contract

Sample Lawn Service Contract



This contract is an agreement between MOWERS, who is the contractor and Mr. Hudson, who is the client. Both of them hereby agree to the following: The contractor will agree to provide the service in a specified manner which is mentioned as below:

a)   Trimming and mowing: The lawn must be mowed at least once a week beginning from 1st March till 30th September. The blades used for mowing should not be blunt and must have sharp edges so that the turf is cut with a good quality which will also result in minimizing diseases.

b)   Fertilization: All trees and ornamental plants should be fertilized at least twice. The rate of fertilization will be at least $5 per one thousand square feet. The fertilizers should have magnesium, nitrogen, potassium and a micro nutrient in equal proportion.

c)   Pest control: Pest management should be practiced by the contractor so that various kinds of insects and diseases can be controlled. It also needs to be monitored every week. Spraying of pesticide should be done before 10 a.m. and around that time should be below seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

This specific contract is for Mr. Hudson for his property at the address mentioned below:

2232 Westbridge road, Los Angeles, CA 90062.

The contract is for six months beginning from 1st March and ending on 30th September. The contract can be cancelled prior to which there should a one month notice served by either the contractor or the client.


(Signature of the client)


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