A law training contract is an agreement between a trainer and a law society or organization who act as two parties in this contract and sign after having read all the terms and conditions thoroughly. According to a law training contract, the law society bears the cost of providing law training to students of law or employees who need this training as part of their work.

Sample law training contract:

Date of law training contract: 8th Dec 2009

Effective start date of the contract: 10th Dec 2009

Contract details

This law training contract is made and entered between Mr. Brad Reynolds, referred to as the owner of the law institute and Mr. Tim Jones, head manager of training batch, Law department, LA

Address of the institute: 56/89 K, Skyline Lane, Building 2, Law Institute Training, Ottawa, Canada.

This law training contract authorises the trainer to train the employees of the law department in the area of special court disciplinary knowledge and practices.

Details of the training

  • The number of employees attending the training: 60
  • The amount that the head of the training batch is liable to pay to the owner of the law institute is $1000.
  • The dates of the training are from 10th Dec 2009 to 20th Dec 2009.

Law training contract – Terms and Conditions:

  • The law society agrees to pay equal amounts every month till the end of the contract.
  • The law society has no interference in the training methods of the trainer during the contract period.

Signatures of the parties

Signature of the trainer: Mr Brad Reynolds

Signature of the law organization: Mr. Tim Jones

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