After a lessee takes the property of the lessor on lease, if the lessee wants to sub lease the property he may have to take the written consent of the lessor. In such cases a landlord consent to sublease contract is drafted which acts as an evidence that the landlord has given permission to lessee to sublease the property. Even though the lessee is subleasing the property he will have to follow few terms and conditions.

Sample Landlord Consent to Sublease Contract

Landlord consent to sublease contract number: SL 23

Effective date of contract: 12th of November 2011

This landlord consent to sublease contract has been drafted and entered into between Ron Howard referred to as the lessee and Ridley Scott referred to as the lessor.

The lessee had taken the residential property of the lessor on lease which is located at:

Reside Manor

21 Nice Garden Road,

Miami, Las Vegas.

The contract period has not expired and before it expires the lessee wants to sublease the property with the consent of the lessor.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The lessee assure that he will perform a proper background check of the sub lessee  and also get a no objection certificate from the nearest police station.
  2. The sub lessee will not be given any right to continue staying in the property after the contract of lessee ends or is terminated.
  3. The lessee will be held responsible in case of any damage caused to the property by the sub lessee.

Signature of lessor:                                                                                Signature of lessee:

Ridley Scott                                                                            Ron Howard

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