A land sales contract is an agreement made between the seller and buyer of a land space on basis of certain terms and conditions. This contract acts a legal document between both the parties.

Sample Land Sales Contract:

Agreement made on

Date: 18’Th October, 2010


Location: friend’s street, house no. 5, Atlanta


The vendor:

Name: Ruskin James

Address: 12, troy road, Atlanta

Phone: 4294782098200


The vendee:

Name: John Matthew

Address: 1-f, john avenue, Atlanta

Phone: 474092898800

Property details:

The property under discussion occupies 1000 Esq. land area and was bought 3 years ago. It is situated at 45, white town, Atlanta.

Price: $2500

The payment shall be done through credit card and the initial cash down amount shall be made one week before effective date i.e. 1’st November, 2010.

The balance would be paid through installments which is to be paid within the first week of every month.

Terms and conditions:

  • The seller shall hold and retain all the ownership rights and the title to the land until the full payment is made.
  • The buyer must take care to keep the land in good condition.
  • Written prior permission must be taken from the seller before construction or removal of any part or structure.
  • The buyer must insure the building against loss due to fire or any natural calamity such as earthquakes.
  • The seller will have right to inspection of property. He/she shall send written prior notice to the buyer before doing so.


Ruskin James          John Matthew

(Seller)                    (Buyer)

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