A land real estate contract is an agreement made when a purchaser is interested in buying a land property from a real estate agent or the seller. This contract mentions about all the terms and conditions which are agreed by both the parties.

Sample Land Real Estate Contract:

This agreement is made between the following two parties

First: Mr. Michael Jones herein referred to as the SELLER and

Second: Ms. Kelly Anderson herein referred to as the BUYER

Date: 19’Th octorber, 2010

Location: 56 estate colony, West California


Address: 12.R-7, California

Phone: 479043845786

The buyer is interested in buying the land real estate property as mentioned below:

Address: 45, High-end road, California

Area: 1500 esq.

Total cost: $2000

The cost will be paid as follows-

Cash down payment of $500 and equal monthly installments to be paid within first week of every month bearing interest rate of 12.5%.

Terms and conditions:

  • The buyer and seller agree to the fact that the property and its ownership responsibilities and title remains with the owner/seller.
  • The buyer agrees to take proper care and maintain the property in good condition. He will be responsible for its repair and construction.
  • The seller must be sent a notice before the buyer or his team to carry out inspection of the premises.
  • The buyer must get the property insured with fire insurance and must carry out other necessary measures for its conservation.
  • The buyer cannot lease or sale the property to any third party or individual without written consent from the seller.


Michael Jones (seller)

Kelly Anderson (buyer)

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