The Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise contract is one that is entered into between the YUM Brands Inc and another company that wishes to open an outlet of Kentucky fried chicken. The contract of franchise provides terms and condition necessary for taking up the franchise of the parent company.

Sample Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise Contracts

This contract is entered on 8th January, 2013 between YUM Brands Inc known as KFC hereafter and M/s Robert Dinero Restaurants hereafter known as franchisee who enter into this contract for opening KFC outlet at Newark, Nottinghamshire, London.

The recitals of the contract are read as below :-

  • The contract provides license to the franchisee to open an outlet of KFC wherein the special menu items and recipes will be shared with the franchisee.
  • The parent company KFC provides financial assistance to the franchisee for construction of entire outlet which is fit for running the fast food outlet.
  • The KFC provides training and assistance by conducting programs and workshops that are required to be attended by the franchisee employees and kitchen staff mandatorily.
  • The franchisee agrees not to share the recipes or any trade secrets of KFC with any other third party before or after the existence of the franchise with the parent company.
  • The contract of franchise is initially provided for a period of twenty years and renewable on mutually agreed terms thereafter.
  • The franchisee should ensure to run the KFC outlet with hiring full time employees in the outlet who are capable of managing it efficiently.
  • The franchisee agrees to pay a royalty fee of $1, 00,000 for obtaining the license of the franchise along with 5% of the gross revenues generated from the sales at the outlet.
  • The parent company KFC is not responsible for any sales campaigns or improving revenue for the franchisee outlet in any manner.

Signatures of the parties are provided below:

Signature of KFC representative: _______________________

Signature of Franchisee representative: __________________

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