A joint venture investment contract is a contract which is made by two or more parties together when they enter into an investment venture. These contracts are formal documents which bind the involved parties by certain obligations and duties.

Sample joint venture investment contract:

This contract is drafted and comes into effect as on 26th June, 2011

Contract Code Number: 12/L2

This joint venture investment contract is made between two parties known as the INVESTORS in this venture. This contract is made for investing on a piece of land and developing it into a commercial building.

The parties involved in this venture are hereby referred to as INVESTOR 1 and INVESTOR 2.

The following are the details of the parties:


Name: Mr. Stanley Jacob

Address: 12-P, second floor, Fred building, CA

Phone: 479809580405660


Name: Mr. Tim Davis

Address: RE-90, Third floor, Mersion square, CA

Phone: 479458795875

Details of the joint venture investment:

This investment is related to the building work of the area which is situated at 34/K, hopes estate, CA

Terms and conditions:

  • Payment details:

Both parties agree to invest an amount of $50000 each for the venture. This amount shall be paid in cheque mode before the commencement of contract.

  • Term of contract:

This contract shall terminate on 26’Th June, 2012.

The total period of contract: 12 months

  • This contract shall terminate in case of misconduct of any kind on the part of the area authorities or any of the two parties.


Stanley Jacob                Tim Davis

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