A joint venture contract template is the format in which a joint venture contract needs to be designed when two individuals or two organizations enter into a joint venture business.  The details mentioned in the contract are the contract number, personal details of both the parties and also the terms and conditions they need to follow.

Sample Joint Venture Contract Template

Joint Venture Contract Number: ___________________

This contract has been drafted on ____________ [date of preparing the contract] between __________ [name of party 1] residing at:

___________________ [street address]

_________________ [city name] ______________ [state] ____________ [postal code]

And __________ [name of party 2] residing at:

___________________ [street address]

_________________ [city name] ______________ [state] ____________ [postal code]

To start a joint venture business in ___________________ [type of business]. The contract is valid till _____________ [contract expiry date].

Both the parties need to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The profit and loss of the business will be shared on _________________ [percentage of sharing profit and loss].
  2. The amount of capital to be brought in by each party is ______________ [amount to be brought in as capital]
  3. The office of the business will be located at:

___________________ [street address]

_________________ [city name] ______________ [state] ____________ [postal code]

  1. Either of the parties can cancel the contract at any time of the contract period, prior to which they need to serve a notice period of _________[ mention the time period of the notice]

Both the parties have agreed to the above terms and conditions and put their signature below in approval of that:

Signature of the party 1:                               Signature of the party 2:

______________________                            _____________________

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