A joint venture is a business opportunity entered by two or more parties together. A joint venture contract agreement is a document which is signed by the parties that are starting a joint venture. The document is a legally binding contract agreement whose terms must be complied with. It records all the information pertaining to the arrangement made between the new venture business entities.

Sample Joint Venture Contract Agreement

Date of contract signing: 15th July 2013

This agreement is being entered between Heath & Jane Securities Ltd. (also referred to as the first party) and James Securities Ltd. (also referred to as the second party).

As per the statement of the agreement both the above mentioned parties are entering a contract and are starting a joint venture. The details of the joint venture, the parties involved and the terms of the arrangement are contained in this document.

Details of the first party:

Name: Heath & Jane Securities Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. Heath Romero

Designation: Managing Director

Contact No.: 57864198

Details of the second party:

Name: James Securities Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. James Carter

Designation: Chief Executive Officer

Contact No.: 75415379

Details of the joint venture:

Name: Mason & Manson Financers Ltd.

Type of joint venture: A financing agency operational in the New York and other neighbouring areas.

Location: 5, 3rd and Mains, New Madison Square Avenue, New York, USA.

Agreement Terms and Conditions:

29. The parties involved in the joint venture are required to put in 50% of the initial equity each.

30. Any decisions regarding expanding the equity and public equity of the venture must be made in agreement by both the parties.

31. The decisions regarding the employment of higher officials for the venture will be made by both the parties.

32. Both the parties will have equal power over the management of the venture.


_______________________ _______________________

Mr. Heath Romero                         Mr. James Carter


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