A job training contract is prepared between an organization and a job holder who is to be given training in the organization. The job training contract explains the scope and application of the job training and based on the mutual consent, this contract is signed by both the parties.

Sample job training contract:

Date of job training contract: 8th Dec 2009

Date of the job: 10th Dec 2009

Contract overview

This job training contract is made and entered between Ms Tina Smith, referred to as the trainee and the employer HCL Consultancies, Ltd located at: Phase No. 4, Near Greenway Park, Willis Colony, Ottawa, Canada. This contract stipulates that the trainee will receive training in the premises of the organization.

Address of the training: 56/89 K, Skyline Lane, Building 2, HCL Consultancies, Ottawa, Canada.

Qualification of the trainee:

Graduate from the Cornell University in Computer Systems

Job training contract – Terms and Conditions:

  • According to the job training contract, the employer HCL Consultancies agrees to provide training in Oracle Financials to 50 employees during the job.
  • The training would include the theoretical and practical training session along with weekly tests.
  • The trainee agree to attend the training related courses to develop own skills.
  • Timing of training is fixed at 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays from 10th Dec 2009.
  • The duration of the training would be four months.
  • State date of the training: 10th Dec 2009 and End date is 31st March 2010.
  • The attendance of the trainee should be more than 75%.

Signatures of the parties

Representative signature of the employer: Tina Smith

Signature of the trainee: HCL Consultancies

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