A Jewish wedding contract is a contract between the bride and the groom according to the Jewish customs. This contract outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation with the bride. This contract is very important in Jewish wedding.

This wedding contract signed by the bride and groom is for the security and protection of women and also details her rights from the marriage. In the wedding contract the husband assures the wife to provide her the basic rights and requirements like food, clothing, shelter etc. A sample Jewish wedding contract is given here under for better understanding.

Sample Jewish Wedding Contract:

This wedding contract is entered by the bride and the groom specified herein according to the traditions of Jewish and Israeli citizens.

Contract is signed on 13th May 2009.

Bride :Amy Feign.

Groom: Abir

City : Beersheba

Wed Lock:

We accept each other as we are, and we are willing to enter the wed lock today. We promise to nurture our relationship with strength, unity and love.

We Pledge to support and care for each other in the coming days till the end.


We betroth to understand each other, listen patiently, and remember to give attention to each other. We shall foster the togetherness by respecting each other and share a special bond that recognises both our worldly and spiritual needs.

Prosperity in relationship:

We shall guide each other in the right path which leads us to happiness, and offer good will to us.

We shall bring prosperity and good health to one other, creating abundance in our life.

Good Marriage:

We agree to create a peaceful, warm and harmonious home, filled with joy.

And by exchanging these rings we become legally wedded husband and wife, in the presence of all relatives and friends.

Signature of the Bride:

Amy Feign

Signature of the Groom:


1. Witness                                                                        2.Witness

Aderet Eljah                                                                   Elliot Rafe

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