The IT sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Every firm in every industry nowadays requires some sort of software or the other to facilitate its tasks and functions. An IT software development contract is a document which formalises the arrangement between two parties, where one party contracts the other i.e. IT firm to develop software as per specifications. A sample of the IT software development contract is given below for reference.

Sample IT Software Development Contract

This document is a contract which is being framed to formalise the IT software development arrangement between Hopkins Garret Ltd. and Homer Tucker Computers Pvt. Ltd.

The contract which is being signed on the 12th of June, 2013, states that Hopkins Garret Ltd. has contracted Homer Tucker Computer Ltd. to develop software for their firm.

Details of the Contractor:

Name: Hopkins Garret Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. John Hopkins

Contact No.: 537484788

Details of the IT Developer:

Name: Homer Tucker Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. James Rocker

Contact No.: 545798686

Terms and conditions:

1. The IT development firm is required to develop software as per the exact specifications of the contracting organisation.

2. Any errors or mismatch between the software and the specification, are to be rectified by the developing firm.

3. The developing firm is responsible for installing the developed software in the systems of the contracting organisation.

4. The developing firm will be made 50% of payment on handing over of the software and 50% on completion of the installation etc.

5. The developing firm is also liable for after product services such as solving any problem that may arise in the functioning of the software, for a period of 16months post development.

6. The developers must ensure all the rules and regulations are complied with.



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Mr. John Hopkins                        Mr. James Rocker

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