An IT maintenance service is a service where an IT expert agrees to offer maintenance services to a client or an owner of IT products or services.  Such a service is a consumer service and hence the service provider is paid for by the client. To formalize or legalize the arrangement of IT maintenance services, the contract that is formed is known as an IT maintenance service contract.

Any such contract is a formal and legally drafted document which authorizes the IT service provider to provide the maintenance services to the client and authorizes the client to make the due payment to the service provider.

A contract of this nature records the mutually discussed points between the parties in the form of terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are the clauses according to which the parties are expected to conduct themselves during the length or the effective period of contract.

The contract document must also indicate which party is the client and which is the service provider by giving their names, official addresses and their phone numbers.  The contract should also mention the amount that the client will pay to the service provider for his/her IT maintenance services.

Sample IT Maintenance Service Contract:


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