An IT maintenance contract is a legal document which is entered between the Client of the office where IT maintenance is required and the maintenance contractor. This contract mentions the details regarding the maintenance tasks required specifications and commitments.

Sample IT Maintenance Contract:

IT maintenance contract Number: 464/MC

This IT maintenance contract is prepared and entered on December 12TH, 2011 between Mr. John M Taylor whose address is, 1401 E. Broad St. Richmond, VA, USA, referred as the Client AND Miss Arlie Clark staying at: House No. 197, Broad Blvd., Richmond, VA, USA, referred as the IT maintenance contractor.

As per this contract, the maintenance provider will look after the entire IT set up of the Client’s Office located at the following address:

# 1401 E.

Broad St. Richmond


Following mentioned are the promises and covenants prepared with the approval of both the parties:

  • Payment Term:

The Client will make a monthly payment of $1000 as the maintenance charges, and the external components or equipment required for maintenance and repair will also be charged.

  • Obligations for the maintenance contractor :

The maintenance contractor will be responsible for the following work:

  • Regular checking and taking preventive maintenance measure to keep all IT equipment working.
  • Will be responsible for all wear & Tear, and repair work required on all the IT equipment including computers, printer’s modems, routers and switches.
  • Validity:

This contract is valid for a period of one year and can be renewed at the discretion of both the parties.

Hereby, both the parties will accept the Contract:

Signature of the Client:

John M Taylor

Signature of the IT Maintenance Contractor:

Arlie Clark


Jenny Hall

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