Investment protection contract is a contract which is made between two parties or individuals which is done to safeguard or protect the investment details of the investments made. These contracts are formal in nature and the violation of the terms leads to legal implications.

Sample investment protection contract:

Contract code: 34-gh

This Investment protection contract is made between two parties known as Mr. Yen Greg who is hereafter the representative from Australia and Mr. Henry Jobs who is the representative from London.

This contract is made for the purpose that Australia’s investments in London shall be safeguarded by the International protection law.

The details of the investments and investors are given as follows:

  • Australia’s investors covered by London’s protection scheme are Australia’s nationals, legal entities such as companies, organisations and business corporations.
  • The kind of investments protected by London are any movable or immovable object or property, shares, claims to money and property rights such as mortgages, servitudes, liens and pledges.
  • The other entities protected include copyrights, industrial property rights and any business concessions under public law.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Australia’s investors shall have right to repatriate profits and move their capital out of London whenever they wish to.
  • The kind of treatment the Australia’s investor’s will get will be equivalent to that given to London’s citizens.
  • Australia’s investors who suffer losses due to war and natural calamities shall be given compensation according to laws of the State.

This contract is validated by both parties as follows:

Yen Greg               Henry Jobs

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