An investment contract template refers to a document which helps in preparing an investment contract. The template is a ready to use draft of an investment contract. The user of the template will be able to frame a regular contract once he/ she follow the indications in the brackets that follow the blanks in the template. A sample of an investment contract template is being provided here for convenience of all.

Sample Investment Contract Template

The contract has been prepared and is being signed by ____________________ [name of the investor] and _____________________ [name of the investment collaborator] as on the ______________ [date on which the contract is signed.]

The contract states that ______________ [name of investor] has made an investment with ___________ [name of investment collaborator]. The investment is being made for ___________________ [specify the purpose for which the investment is being made.]

Amount of Investment: ________________ [mention the amount invested]

Details of Investment Collaborator:

Official Name: ________________ [give official name, if any]

Name: _______________ [name of the authorized personnel]

Contact No.: ____________ [give contact no. of the signatory]

Address: _________________ [full official address with postal code]

Details of the Investor:

Name: ______________________ [give full name of the investor]

Contact No.: __________________ [give contact no. of the investor]

Address: _______________________ [full correspondence address with postal code]

Terms and conditions:

  1. The investor must be paid due interest charged at the rate ___________ [mention rate of interest being charged]. The payment must be made ___________ [specify the period at which payment must be made].
  2. The investor is required to give an advanced notice of _____________ [give the notice period] prior to withdrawing the investment.


__________________________ [name and signature of investment collaborator]

__________________________ [name and signature of investor]

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