An investment contract is a document which two or more entities sign where one of the parties is investing a certain amount of money with the other party. The investment contract letter is a letter which either party writes to the other discussing the points of the contract such as the terms and conditions of the contract etc. A sample of an investment contract letter has been provided below; it can be used by anyone to frame their own letter.

Sample Investment Contract Letter


Mr. Jonathan James Jr.

Senior Manager

Hanford Stocks and Securities

69, First Floor

William Street, New Jersey,


25th February, 2012.

Subject: Regarding portfolio investment.

Mr. Jonathan

This is to inform you that I have gone through the details of your firms’ portfolio investment background. I have also read through the proposal of investment I received from your team. It gives me great pleasure in informing you that I am interested in signing an investment contract with your firm.

I would like to discuss following terms with you:

  • I would like to be informed about all the places where the money is being used for investment.
  • I should be provided with regular updates of the performance of the investments made.
  • Interest payments will be made quarter i.e. by the last day of the last month of every quarter.
  • I shall provide with a due notice before making any withdrawals from the amount invested with the firm.

I would like for you to arrange the framing of a contract to legalize the deal.

Yours Sincerely,


Ms. Kenny Forges

Independent Investor

45th, Jenson Street,

New Jersey,


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