An investment contract format is a document which defines the structure in which an investment contract should be drafted. The document helps anyone in need to frame an appropriate investment contract by making use of the contract format. The contract format includes details of the involved parties and also the details of the investment being made. A sample investment contract format is being given below.

Sample Investment Contract Format

Date of signing the contract: ___/ ___/ ____ [dd/mm/yy]

The contract has been prepared by and is being signed by ___________________ and _____________ [mention the name of the entities or the individuals entering the contract, with appropriate titles].

This contract states ______________ [use this space to specify the purpose for which the contract is being prepared. In this case also mention the use to which the investment being made will be put.]

Amount invested: _______________ [mention amount]

Details of the Investment Collaborator

Official Name: __________________ [give the official name, if any]

Authorized Personnel: ___________________ [name the person signing the contract]

Contact No.: ___________________ [give the contact number of the signatory]

Official Address: __________________________ [give full address of the signatory]

[Use this section to give the details of the first party]

Details of the Investor:

Name: __________________ [name the investor]

Correspondence Address: ________________________ [give full address of the investor]

Contact No.: ________________ [give the contact number of the investor]

[use this section to give the details of the second party]

Terms and Conditions:

[This section is the area where the terms of the contract are specified. It includes the conditions which must be satisfied by all the involved parties.]


_____________________ (mention the name and provide signatures of authorized individual)

_____________________ (mention name and provide signature of the investor)

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