An investment contract form is a document which is similar in use to a regular investment contract. The form gives all the details of the involved parties and the terms of the contract. Such a sample of investment contract form has been provided here for the convenience of anyone in need of framing an investment contract.

Sample Investment Contract Form

The following contract has been prepared by Ms. Jennifer Hewitt and Mr. Jason Bumblebee as on the 25th day of February 2012.

The contract states that Ms. Jennifer Hewitt is making an investment in the mutual fund launched by Bumblebee Stocks and Securities under the management of Mr. Jason Bumblebee. The invested amount shall be used to create a diverse portfolio most of which will concentrate on the corporate establishments.

Amount Invested: $5 million

Details of the Investment Firm:

Official Name: Bumblebee Stocks and Securities

Name of Signatory: Mr. Jason Bumblebee

Job Position: Chief Executive Officer

Contact No.: 620-17-399

Official Address: 45th and 3rd, Wimbledon Street, Pennsylvania, USA.

Details of the Investor:

Name: Ms. Jennifer Hewitt

Contact No.: 620-76-768

Correspondence Address: 5th, Crawford Lane, Jenison Park, Pennsylvania, USA.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The investor must be given timely updates of the portfolio which is being created by the invested amount.
  2. The interest payments will be made on a quarterly basis. The interest will depend on the portfolio composition.
  3. The investor is required to give a due notice of 20days before making any withdraws from the investment option.


_________________________ (Ms. Jennifer Hewitt)

_________________________ (Mr. Jason Bumblebee)

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