An investment contract agreement is a document which is drafted when a person or party wishes to invest in another party’s venture or company. These contract agreements are based upon a set of legally binding terms and conditions and contain details of the involved parties as well as the time duration of investment and the monetary considerations related to it.

Sample Investment Contract Agreement:

Investment Contract Agreement

Download Investment Contract Agreement

This agreement has been drafted as on 1st April 2011 and shall remain into effect for 12 months from effective date

Termination date: 1st April 2012

This agreement has been made by and between the parties with the following details:


Name: Fredrick estate

Owner: Mr. Fred Mathews

address: 2-P, first floor, Ben road, London


Name: Mr. Tim Reynolds

address: 23-k, second floor, Parks villa, London

The INVESTOR agrees to invest in the 4/5-O venture and policy of the COMPANY for 12 months.

The invested amount: $30000

The INVESTOR understands the laws of investment and both the involved parties agrees to the following terms and conditions of this contract agreement:

  • The COMPANY agrees to have INVESTOR as one of the many INVESTORs for the 4/5-O policy related to the property business.
  • The INVESTOR agrees to keep track of the developments of the venture or the policy during the course of the agreement
  • The INVESTOR must put the invested amount in the bank account of the COMPANY as soon as the contract agreement commences.
  • The INVESTOR must get the returns or the profits if any on immediate basis.

Validation of agreement:

Fred Mathews

Tim Reynolds

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