International Trade Contract is used by those companies which are trading their commodity on an International basis. The contracts usually states general terms and conditions negotiated between the parties.

Sample International Trade Contract:

This contract is entered on 10th November, 2010 between CNNG International Trade Co. hereafter referred to as the seller and GNPG PV-TECH Trade Co. Ltd. hereafter referred to as the buyer.

Both the parties agrees in trading transaction of following goods

  • Product Name: Mono crystalline Silicon
  • Trademark & Quality: According to standards of PV industry
  • Quantity: 650
  • Unit Price: 1290
  • Package: As per the standards
  • Shipment destination from Utah to Mexico by the November 2010- December 2010.
  • Payment terms: One partial payment prior to placing order and other half after the delivery.

Terms & Conditions:

  • If any problem is found with the product, CNNG International Trade Co.  shall be liable for replacing them.
  • After placing an order of the goods, they shall be delivered timely, or else CNNG International Trade Co shall be charged $130 for per late deliveries.
  • Delivery destination; GNPG PV-TECH Trade Co. Ltd shall bear the freight charge as mentioned at the address stated in the contract.
  • There should be quality standard packaging and no callback.
  • Payment terms shall be furnished within 10 days of product delivery.
  • Any kind of dispute arising from this trade contract shall be settled through consultation of both the parties.

Hereafter, an International Trade contract can come into effect after signed & sealed by each party. The trade contract prints shall be accomplished and conveyed via telefax and shall be as lawful as original.

Party A: CNNG International Trade Co.                             Party B: GNPG PV-TECH Trade Co. Ltd.

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