An International Sale Contracts is a legal document which is signed by two international companies or individuals for selling products or services. This type of contract mentions the details of both the companies and the details of the product or services which are to be sold.

Sample International Sale Contract:

This International sale contact is entered on 16th July 2010 by and between Mr. Alexander Smith residing in London, United Kingdom, hereinafter referred to seller, and Mr. David Kutcher residing New York, USA, hereinafter referred to as the buyer who agrees to purchase from seller the designated product with approved terms and condition.

Identities of the Parties

Seller, Mr. Alexander Smith whose business address is 1-1304 Drummond Street in the city of London United Kingdom is in the business with Mr. David Kutcher, Buyer, whose business address is 120 Pit Kin Park Road, Montpelier, New York. USA-98776

Description of the Goods

Seller agrees to transfer and deliver to Buyer, on or before 12th October 2010, the XYZ Products.

Buyer’s terms & condition:

  • Buyer approves to receive the goods and pay for them through online bank transfer.
  • Goods are considered received by Buyer upon delivery at stated address as mentioned.
  • Buyer has the right to inspect the commodity upon delivery and has 7 days to notify seller to claim for reimbursements, grading, and quality of the commodities.  Such notification must lay down in detail of the claim.  Failure in delivering such communication within the perquisite time found immutable acceptance of a commodity.

Seller’s terms and condition:

  • In anticipation of commodities from Buyer, all possibility of loss to the above-stated commodity is abided by Seller.
  • Seller warranties that the commodities are open from any and all sanctuary interests, hindrances, and impediments.


Mr. David Kutcher                       Sign_________________

Mr. Alexander Smith                    Sign_________________

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