International Manufacturing Contract refers to a legal document which is drafted between two individuals or organizations residing in two different countries so as to get involved in a manufacturing related services or business.

Sample International Business Contract

Contract Number: PS 1430

Date of Registration: 28th day of September, 2009.

This legal document is an agreement between Ms. Laura Collins referred to as the owner of the ABC Tyre Company located at 26 Atkinson Road, Taren Point NSW 2229 and Mr. Kevin Robinson referred to as the owner of the XYZ automobile company located at 433 N Camden Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

As per the contract, ABC Tyre Company will provide their tyres to XYZ Automobile Company.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The payment for the supply of the tyres shall be made on monthly basis.
  • The order quantity may differ according to the demand in the market.
  • The tyre company shall have entire liberty to either void the contract or take legal action against the automobile company in case of continued failure of the payment for the supplies.
  • The quality standards are expected to be maintained over the period of time. In case of deteriorated quality, the contract may be terminated by the automobile company.
  • Both the parties shall possess equal rights to terminate the contract with if there are genuine reasons involved and there is inconvenience to continue to offer from either of the sides and the other side shall be considerate.

Hence, both the concerned parties are in agreement to the above contract

Signature of the owner of the ABC tyre company

Ms. Laura Collins

Signature of the owner of the XYZ automobile company

Mr. Kevin Robinson


Juliet Parker


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