An International investment contract is a contract which is made between two countries in which one invests into a project of the other. Such contracts are legally binding in nature and formal in nature.

Sample international investment contract:

Contract code: 234/k

Effective date of contract: 1st July, 2011

This contract is made between Scotland and Ireland. The contract makes Scotland become an investor in the water reserved project of Ireland for a certain period of time.

The following are the details of the parties which are involved in the contract:


Representative name: Mr. Henry Gates

Phone: 483095840955


Representative name: Mr. Tim Greg

Phone: 479749550405

There are certain rules and obligations of the contract:

  • Payment details:

SCOTLAND wishes to invest an amount of $1000000 for the water reserved development and utilisation. This amount shall be paid in two equal parts.

IRELAND shall have to pay a share of 15% to SCOTLAND after every 3 months during the contract.

  • Term of the contract:

Total length of the contract: 24 months

Termination date of the contract: 1st July, 2013

  • SCOTLAND shall be part of all the meetings and conferences held by IRELAND related to the water reserve.
  • IRELAND shall keep representative from SCOTLAND informed about all the developments and issues related to the water reserve.
  • This contract shall terminate immediately in case of any misconduct or violation of the terms of this contract.

Both the parties henceforth sign and validate the international contract by giving their consent as follows:

Henry Gates                    Tim Greg

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