An International Distribution Contract is a legal draft which is agreed between the distributor and the manufacturer wherein both are situated in two different nations and are planning to get involved in the professional transaction. The contract states the services that will be provided and other clauses between both the parties before the deal is made.

Sample International Distribution Contract:


Contract Number: PW 3210

This legal contract is registered on the 9th day of January, 2011 between Mr. Desmond Hume as the manufacturer having his registered company at Maersk House, Braham Street, Aldgate, London, E1 8EP and Mr. Charles Parkinson as the distributor having his registered company at 2500 Faber Place, Palo Alto, California 94303.

As per this contract, the distributor will be responsible to sell the goods of manufacturer on international level.

Clauses of the Agreement:

  • The payment of the agreed amount will be done partly before the distribution is done and the other pending amount at the completion of the agreed services.
  • The manufacturer will have the entire liberty as to where and when the manufactured goods are to be distributed.


  • The distributor shall be solely responsible if the goods which are to be distributed are damaged during the transportation and will have to compensate accordingly if such situations occur.


  • The distributor will have entire liberty to choose the mode of transport as long as the deliveries are made on time.


  • The deadlines will be decided entirely by the manufacturer and the distributor shall abide by them.


Hence, both the parties agree upon the above legal contract:


Signature of the Manufacturer

Desmond Hume

Signature of the Distributor

Charles Parkinson


Penelope Ford


Distributor Agreements 

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