An International contract template is a ready to use document which is used when any type of international business deal or transaction takes place. This type of contract can be entered for the transfer of the goods or services from one individual/company to the other.

Sample International Business Template:

This International business contract is being entered on ___________________ {date on which the contract has been instigated] by, between _______________ {name of 1st party} with its office situated at _________________ {address at which the office is situated} AND _____________ {name of 2nd party} with its office located at _______________ {address at which the office is situated}.

This contract has been initiated keeping in mind the laws of the Country of _______________ {name of the Country}. _______________ {name of 1st party} AND __________________ {name of 2nd party} with mutual consent have entered into this contract with the sole purpose of _______________ {purpose for binding into an International Contract}

With WITNESS WHERE OF, both the parties have executed this contract agreeing to below terms & conditions:

a) Payment Terms: __________ {Name of the1st party} shall be paying _______________ {Name of 2nd party} __________________ {total payment in $}against the services provided by___________{Name of the 2nd party}. The total payment (in $) has to be conveyed before commencing the contract.

b) Dissolution of contract: ___________ {Name of the 1st party} can dismiss the contract if he/she is not content with the service provided. ____________ {Name of the 2nd party} has a right to dismiss the contract if he/she doesn’t receive complete payment.

c) Completion date: The contract finishes on __________ {contract closing date}.

Sign & Company Seal: ___________________ {Name of the1st party}

Date: _________________

Sign & Company Seal: ___________________ {Name of the 2nd party}

Date: _________________

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