An international contract letter is a letter which is sent by one party to another so as to seal the terms of an international contract formed between them. These contract letters are sent or made between parties which are internationally linked and the content of the letter mainly consists of the terms and conditions of the international contract. Given below is a sample of one such international contract letter.

Sample International Contract Letter


Ms. Halley Hopes

Sales Manger

M/s Johnson Fabrics Ltd.

45th and 3rd, Willy Lane,

New Jersey,


25th February, 2012.

Subject: Regarding the export contract for the purchase of fabrics.

Miss Halley

This is to discuss the details of the purchase (sale) contract which is being signed between M/s Henry Creations Ltd. and M/s Johnson Fabrics Ltd. The contract will record that we have agreed to purchase the specified fabrics from your fabrics branch.

We agree to settle for the following terms of contract:

  • The supplier is responsible for the arrangements of the delivery of the fabrics.
  • The commodities will be as per specifications and the price of the items will be as per statement in the tender.
  • The payments shall be cleared within 5hrs from the receipt of the commodities.
  • The buyer is responsible for the items once we receive them on the end point of mode of delivery.

We will be obliged proceed \once we receive a letter of agreement from your representatives.

Yours Sincerely,


Ms. Kelly Ross

Purchase Manager

M/s Henry Creations Ltd.

7th, William Plaza,

Benson Street, London

United Kingdom.

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