International contract format refers to a document which gives an idea as to how can be an international contract created. These types of contracts are drafted when two companies from different countries are getting involved in any business transaction or financial transaction.

Sample International Contract Format

Contract Number:

Date of Registration:

This paragraph will contain the names of the owner of the respective companies and their respective address which might either be their registered offices or residential addresses in their respective countries. This is mentioned in order to have a record about where to reach the particular party.

Terms and conditions:

  • Here, the various clauses can be mentioned by both the parties.
  • These clauses/ terms may include the financial transactions and other issues related to it.
  • Here other issues like integrity and treachery can also be dealt with.
  • Both the parties can put up clauses and cases on basis of which they can either terminate the contract or voice their grievance and also may ask for compensations.
  • This space is generally used to safeguard the rights of both the parties so that neither of them is cheated by the other in any case and if at all such situations occur, they have this document as a proof which can ensure justice for them.
  • Both the parties can enter as much clauses as they want in order to safeguard themselves from cheating.

Here, the statement announces that the above document has the approval of both the concerned parties




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