An international contract is an agreement formed between two or more entities who are situated in different nations or countries. The international contract form is the form of a regular international contract that provides the details of the parties involved and the terms and conditions agreed between them. The sample international contract provided below records a contract between two entities that plan to start a new business in partnership.

Sample International Contract Form

The respective contract has been prepared by and is being entered between Ms. Jenna Somers and Ms. Lauren Kennedy.

Date of signing the contract: 15th February, 2012.

The contract certifies that Ms. Jenna Somers and Ms. Lauren Kennedy have agreed to start a new business under the name of M/s Happy Handicrafts Ltd. The business deal requires setting up of two branches one in each country.

Details of the Partner 1:

Name: Ms. Jenna Somers

Contact No.:0114-86-086

Location: New York, USA

Details of the Partner 2:

Name: Ms. Lauren Kennedy.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Contact No.:05764-73-848

Details of the Business:

Official Name: M/s Happy Handicrafts Ltd

Location of Offices:

USA Branch- Lower Manhattan

London Branch- Victorian Square


_____________________ (Ms. Jenna Somers)

_____________________ (Ms. Lauren Kennedy)

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