An international contract example implies an example or sample of an international contract. An international contract is a document which is prepared to formalize an arrangement between two or more entities. The fact that these entities are situated in different countries is the reason it is called international agreement. In the sample of international contract given below, the reference is to the deal between two entities where one of the parties is making an investment with other.

Sample International Contract Example

The contract has been prepared and is being signed by Mr. Manny Marlow and Mr. John Kelly Burke as on the 25th of the month of February, 2012.

This contract states that Mr. Manny Marlow has agreeably made an investment with Mr. John Kelly Burke. According to the contract the invested amount will be used to create a diverse portfolio across the various corporate.

Amount invested: $3.5 million

Date of making the investment: 25th February 2012

Details of the Investment Manager:

Official Name: Burke Stocks and Securities Ltd.

Authorized Personnel: Mr. John Kelly Burke

Contact No.: 013-82-86-086

Official Location: Manhattan, New York, USA

Details of the Investor:

Name: Mr. Manny Marlow

Location: Essex, United Kingdom.

Contact No.: 038-82-73-848

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The decisions regarding the creation of the portfolio are responsibility of the investment manager. Though the investor must be given the updates of the investments bought/ sold.
  2. The interest due must be paid to the investor in timely fashion.
  3. The details of the returns must be forwarded to the investor.


_____________________ (Mr. Manny Marlow)

_____________________ (Mr. John Kelly Burke)

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