An International business contract is made between companies that are overseas, to sign a deal. It legalises any deals as well as liabilities that have been agreed upon by both companies.

Sample International Business Contract

Contract number- 26A/B

Date of signing the agreement- 22nd November 2010

The agreement is entered between Mr Mark Willis, ABC Pvt Ltd, New chesthsire, London, UK


Ms Phoebe Greene, XYZ Pvt Ltd, New York City, USA

Terms of the contract:-

  • The contract is valid from 22nd November 2010 till 23rd December 2010. Either company may terminate the contract within 10 days of signing and agreeing to it.
  • ABC Pvt Ltd is required to deliver the ordered goods to XYZ Pvt Ltd on time and without any delay. The delay shall result in termination of the contract immediately. Legal proceedings may begin against ABC as well.
  • The quality of goods shall be of prime importance and any compromise on that forefront shall cause harm to this international business alliance.
  • This contract will be under the jurisdiction of the government of USA and any dispute shall be resolved in any USA court of law.
  • XYZ will pay $9000 in advance to any goods that they will order from ABC. The Rest of the payment shall be done only after delivery and approval of goods.
  • Transportation costs during delivery of goods from UK to USA shall be borne by XYZ alone.
  • Any modification to the contract shall be entertained only upon assent from both parties. Else such a modification shall be considered void.


Mr Mark Willis

ABC Pvt Ltd,

Ms Phoebe Greene

XYZ Pvt Ltd

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