An international association for contract refers to the standard relationship established between two or more international companies who are interested in quality development and management of contracts. It is an official process of starting a new alliance to advocate business deals. Hence, it must be professionally tailored for the willing company with the help of advisors.

Sample International Association for Contract

International Association for Contrac

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This association is drawn upon the agreement between Drillers and Contractors Inc, hereafter referred to as Party 1, and Austin Builders and Real Estate Holders, hereafter referred to as Party 2.

Contact details

Office address of Party 1: 6, Hudson Road, Texas

Email address:

Office address of Party 2: 60, Skylark Towers, US

Email address:

The following are the conditions of legitimacy, the compliance with which is mandatory for the parties:

  • Nature of contracts: Business-oriented
  • Time period:

The association is valid for a time period of 2 years, commencing from 4th July, 2011 to 4th July, 2013 during which Party 1 and Party 2 will remain open to entering into any contract.

  • Number of contracts:

There is no limit to the number of contracts to be entered provided that the contracts once taken are fully executed on time.

  • Obligations:

In case of any loss involving money due to the fault of a party, the concerned party will be liable to appropriate legal measures.

  • Payments:

The payments will be fixed upon the financial scope of the contract and enunciated accordingly.

Signature of Party 1:

Kelly German


Signature of party 2:

Pits Front

(International-Relations Manager)

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