The Instrument Rental Agreement is made between an Instrument owner known as the lessor and the lessee, who rents the required equipment. These types of contract contain the details about the parties involved, details of the instrument and other terms and conditions.

Sample Instrument Rental Contract:

Rental contract Number: 68- FLC

Date of Registration: July 23rd

This Instrument rental contract is made and entered by Mr. Julius Gale residing at: House No. 6081 Kingsland House, 122, Regent Street, West Central, London, hereinafter called as the Instrument owner


Mrs. Kelly Carlson, staying at permanent address: 4048W 3rd St near Korea town and Wilshire Center, Los Angeles, hereinafter referred as the lessee.

Instrument Specifications:

Features of the Instrument (Gibson Dark Fire) are:

• Good Pickups

• Tonal Facilities

• Sturdily and Size

• Burst bucker 3

• Clear Sound

• Tough strings

This contract is effective from July 25th 2010 and is terminating on July25th 2012.

Following mentioned are the covenants and conditions for both the parties:

• Obligations:

The lessee will be responsible for the taking care of the instrument to the utmost care. Any damage occurred to the facilities, will be paid by the lessee only. The instrument owner will intimate the lessee if in need of the instrument, one month in advance.

• Payment Terms:

The instrument owner will receive an advance payment of $ 5000 by the lessee as a security deposit whereas $ 500 will be the monthly rental which should be paid on 5thof every month.

• Termination:

Any of the violation can dissolve this contract for which the guilty party will make a payment of $ 500 as a compensation settlement amount.

Both the parties are required to validate the contract:

Signature of the Equipment Owner:

Mr. Julius Gale

Signature of the Lessee:

Mrs. Kelly Carlson

Signature of the Witness:

Kate Smith

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