An informal tenancy contract is a contract which can be created by the conduct of the parties and does not need to be necessarily written. An informal tenancy contract is not a legal contract and does not follow any rental laws or state laws. This contract is drafted only to make an assurance that the landlord gets the rent amount from the tenant.

Sample Informal Tenancy Contract

This informal tenancy contract has been prepared between Jose Clean referred to as the landlord and Will Smith referred to as the tenant as Will Smith is taking the first floor of the residence of on rent. This contract has been drafted on 12th of March 2010 and will continue till Will Smith gives a notice period and leaves or if Jose Clean gives a notice period and asks Jack Smith to leave. The residential property is located at:

5214 Green Maurice Drive

New York, New Jersey 5412

These are terms and conditions agreed by both the landlord and the tenant:

  1. Jack Smith will be occupying the first floor residence on rent.
  2. The rental amount required to be paid every month is $1000 which should be paid by the first week of every month.
  3. The landlord has to repair any damage and paint the walls in the first floor before the tenant moves in.
  4. The tenant will also have to pay the electric bill calculated as per the electrical consumption on 1st floor.

Find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of the landlord                                                   Signature of the tenant

Jose Clean                                                                    Will Smith

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