An independent sales representative contract is drafted when an individual enters into a contract with an organization in order to promote, distribute and sell the products manufactured or services provided by the organization. The contracts provides the details of the parties, type of products/services which is to be sold, commission to be received by the sales representative and other terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Independent Sales Representative Contract

Independent sales representative contract: IS 31

Effective date of contract: 21st of May 2011

This independent sales representative contract has been drafted and entered between Garry Lawyer referred to as the sales representative and Sky Limited referred to as the organization. As per the contract, Sky Limited specializes in making readymade garments and Garry Lawyer will be responsible for selling the garments in the state of North Carolina.

Details of the sales representative:

Residential address: 45 Round Square Road,

Colorado, North Carolina 2765

Contact number: 78567

Mobile number: 97426

E mail id:

Details of the organization:

Office address: 45 Fun Side Road,

Colorado, North Carolina 2772

Contact number: 78589

Fax number: 47428

E mail id:

Terms and conditions:

  1. The sales representative has to ensure that he meets the assigned target every month. In case he fails to meet the target for three consecutive months, the contract can be cancelled.
  2. The sales representative will be paid a commission of 5% on the total sales made by him.
  3. The sales representative assures that he will not sell the garments at a price higher than that fixed by the organization.

Signature of the sales representative:                                    Signature of the organization:

Garry Lawyer                                                                                   Bob Marley

(On behalf of Sky Limited)

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