An Independent consulting contract is a legal proposal between a client and consultant which identifies terms and conditions related to the type of consulting a consultant would provide stating with responsibilities rendered by consultant and payment terms.

Sample Computer Consulting Contract:

This computer consulting contract is drawn on 15th September 2010 AND entered between Visual A Inc. herein identified as a Company and Mr. Jonathan Andrews herein referred as an independent consultant for said services.


  • Mr. Jonathan Andrews has expertise knowledge in Company’s business and is agreed to provide  consultation to Visual A Inc
  • Visual A Inc  is willing to employ Mr. Jonathan Andrews as an independent consultant and not as an employee provided & agreeing to the terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions:

The following are the terms and condition of the contracts:

  • Visual A hereby engages Mr. Jonathan Andrews in providing consultation as an independent consultant.
  • Mr. Jonathan Andrews hereby approves the terms and a condition stated in the contract and agrees in providing supposed consulting.
  • In the course of contract Mr. Jonathan Andrews shall not engage in whichever business events which are straightly or incidentally competitive with the activities of Visual A without obtaining written consent of the Visual A
  • Mr. Jonathan Andrews shall provide periodically status of its consulting work describing the job details and hours.
  • In view of the independent consulting contract with Visual A, the company agrees to pay Mr. Jonathan Andrews at $50 per hour.
  • Other expenditures which are incurred are to be sanctioned by Visual A in writing which will put further for the reimbursement.
  • This independent consulting contract shall be precisely for 11 months of period and shall be renewed upon practical terms and conditions.

With WITNESS WHERE OF, both the parties have executed this contract.

Name: Mr. Jonathan Andrews

Address: 455, Best village way, Suite 76, New York, New York 10098-6754

Signature: _________________

Company Name: Visual A Inc.

Address: 1234 Second Street, Boston, MA 98880

Signature: _______________

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