A HVAC service provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning for household or for official purposes. A HVAC services contract is therefore a contract between the HVAC services providing agency and the client (be it a house or an office) that is utilising their services. The contract’s purpose is for the service provider and the client to legally agree upon the services that are being provided.

Majorly, the HVAC contract is filled with the details regarding the services that the HVAC agency is going to be providing and the payment that the client makes. Along with that, the details of the HVAC authority and the client are needed to be a part of the contract.

Under the ‘terms and conditions’ section, all the necessary terms that are laid out by the client to the HVAC service provider are mentioned. Likewise, all the terms that the service provider lays in handling their machinery are mentioned.

Both the service provider and the client shall stick to all the terms, conditions and other sections of the contract. Such a contract for the HVAC services is useful in avoiding any problems for both the parties and hence, both the parties are to abide by the contract and keep a copy of it through the term of service.

Sample HVAC Services Contract

HVAC Service Contract


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