Hunting and fishing lease contract is a legal document drafted when an individual known as the lessee gets the exclusive right to hunt and fish on a land owned by another individual or an organization known as the lessor. The contract mentions the complete details of both the parties and various terms and conditions which are agreed between them.

Sample Hunting and Fishing Lease Contract

Hunting and fishing lease contract number: HF 45

Effective date of contract: 12th November 2011

This hunting and fishing lease contract has been drafted between Henry Lee referred to as the lessor with principal address being 45 Roger Moore Street, New Land, Geneva and John Woo referred to as the lessee with principal address being 56 Tango Hen Road, New Land, Geneva.

Whereas the lessor agrees to give the forest land owned by him to the lesse on lease for the \purpose of hunting and fishing. The land is located at:

Tarzan Forest Park

High Forest Lane,

New Land, Geneva.

Terms and Condition

  1. Lessee has to ensure that he does not hunt for endangered animals like tiger and black buck. If he is found doing so, the lessor can pass criminal charges against him.
  2. If the lessor plans to sell a portion of the land, the lessee has to stop hunting in that part.
  3. The lessee will have to pay $1500 per month.
  4. The lease is issued for 1 year and can be extended with approval of both the parties.

Find the signature of both the parties mentioned below:

Signature of the lessor:                                       Signature of the lessee:

Henry Lee                                                    John Woo

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