An international contract is a contract or a legal document which is made when two or more than two parties which are linked internationally or are residents of different countries agree to conduct a certain business or other kind of an association amongst each other. International contracts can be of many types such as international business contract, international franchise contract, international rental contract etc. These contracts consist of the terms and conditions and other details which bind the parties together. There is a set pattern or manner in which any international contract is to be framed. Given below are a few tips and suggestions which shall help you to come out with a perfectly drafted international contract.

  • The first thing to keep in mind before starting the drafting process of an international contract is to adopt and maintain a formal tone. These contracts must have legal terminology used whenever possible.
  • The first section must consist of the effective date of contract and the length of the contract.
  • The next part of the contract must mention the titles given to each of the parties along with their names, addresses, contact numbers, fax numbers, email addresses.
  • Any international contract must be framed as per the laws of both the countries and accordingly the various details of the contract must be written down.
  • The details of the association between the two parties or the reason why they are entering the contract must be written down clearly in the document as well.
  • The ‘terms and conditions’ is the most important and integral section of any international contract as it gives the various conditions based on which the parties mutually sign the contract. The terms must be written down in bulleted points.
  • The last part of the contract must be used for the signatures of the involved parties.

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