An employment contract is a formal document which is made between an employer and an employee. These contracts are used to signify the fact that the employer has hired the employee for a fixed period of time during which the employee shall be paid a pre fixed amount of money for his services. These contracts consist of the details of the employment and the terms and conditions which are mutually decided amongst the parties. It is important to frame a perfect employment contract since these documents hold a lot of importance. Therefore, we have a few tips for writing a good employment contract below.

  • An employment contract must be written formally and a particular format must be followed for entering the details.  Use of casual language must be avoided.
  • The contract must start by the mentioning of the date on which the contract comes into effect. This should be followed by indicating the termination date of the contract.
  • In an employment contract, the titles such as ‘EMPLOYER’ and ‘EMPLOYEE’ must be used to indicate the parties involved and their respective personal details such as names, addresses and contact numbers must also be given.
  • The details of employment such as the salary amount, duties of employee etc must also be written down in the employment contract.
  • Any employment contract is incomplete without the terms and conditions or clauses. These terms and conditions must stress upon the duties and responsibilities of both the parties during the contract period. All these terms must be written down point wise and must be well detailed.
  • At the end of the contract, space must be left for the signatures of the parties involved. This is a mandatory part and signifies the fact that the contract is made on mutual agreement basis and both the parties agrees to the terms and conditions given.

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