A house sale contract is the commitment made between the house owner and the buyer in order to handle the purchase transaction of the sold house.

Sample House Sale Contract:

Contract serial Number: 45- H

Contract Dated On: October 13th, 2010

This contract is a legitimate declaration of the house sale made by and between Mrs. Samantha Williams, hereinafter called as the house owner AND Mr. David Brown, hereinafter named as the buyer party, whereas the house owner has received the request from the buyer part and the buyer party is willing to purchase the house.

The house to be sold is located at:

34/ K, Near Golden Bakery

Seven fountain Street,

Ottawa, Canada

The deed of the house shall be transferred to the name of Mr. Brown.

Following given are the terms & conditions agreed by both the parties:

(a) Payment Clause:

The payment of committed amount $ 43278 will be made on the time of contract signing. If the buyer will not pay the total amount on this day, the deed will not be transferred to his name, and he has to accept the temporary nominee transfer document.

(b)Seller obligations:

The house owner has to accept the agreed payment. The house owner has to transfer the deed to the name of the buyer after getting the full payment, whereas the documentation charges will be adjusted by both the parties.


The termination of this contract can take place when both the parties are facing disputes over the money matters and one party is interested to quit. Once the contract is terminated, this will be considered Null & Void.

Hence, the Attorney is requested to the house owner, and the buyer parties to signature the given section:

Sign of the House Owner:

Samantha Williams

Sing of the Buyer Party:

David Brown

Witness 1:

Carla Jackson

Witness 2:

Peter Brownie

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