A house rental contract is a legal commitment initiated between the house owner and the renter party in which the responsibilities & obligations, house address details along with the rent payment are decided.

Sample House Rental Contract:

Rental Contract Number: 12/ HA

Contract registration date: November 22nd, 2010

This house rental contract is made and entered between Mrs. Emma Timberlake, residing at: 12/ h, Wilma Apartment, Salt lake City, Ottawa, herein after referred as the house owner, AND, Mr. Jacky Hudson, staying at: 46/ K, Wing-D, International Park, Ottawa, hereinafter referred as the occupant party.

Whereas, the occupant party is interested to hire the house for the temporary stay of his Son, and the house owner is willing to rent his property.

Hereby, this house rental contract is valid from November 25th, 2010 and is ending on November 25th, 2011.

Underneath given are the term & clauses for both the parties in order to survive the commitment:

  • Obligations of the Owner:

Following are the facilities received by the occupant party:




Required furniture, etc

  • Occupant party’s Responsibilities:

If any damage occurs to the provided facilities, the occupant party will make the repairing payment.

  • Payment:

The occupant party is committed to pay $ 4500 in advance and $ 1000 per month for agreed tenure, whereas the house owner will provide a receipt on receiving every payment.

  • Termination clause:

Any of the violations happened to the above mentioned clauses can terminate the contract, in which the guilty party will be punished with 30% of the total payment to the alleging party.

The house owner & occupant party will sign ad accept the house rental contract:

Signature of the Owner:

Emma Timberlake

Signature of the Occupant:

Jacky Hudson

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