A house rental agreement contract is a document which lays down various mutually discussed terms and conditions of a house rental deal between a landlord/owner of a house and a tenant who wishes to rent the house for a fixed period of time. Such contracts are legally binding for the parties involved and the terms mentioned in them cannot be violated under any circumstances. The owner of the house rents the house to the tenant in return of a certain monthly or yearly payment called ‘rent’. The following is a sample of a house rental agreement contract.

Sample House Rental Agreement Contract

This house rental agreement contract has been made by and between the LANDLORD and the TENANT. The details of the parties have been given as follows:

Details of the Landlord:

Name of the LANDLORD: Park Markson

Residential address: 12-U, first floor, U tower, London

Contact number: 477094043

Details of the Tenant:

Name of the TENANT: Jack Brown

Residential address: Q-90, second floor, Henry lane, London

Contact number: 403470924

Details of the House to be Rented:

Address of the house: A-89, Greg Lane, London

Rent per month: $1000

Mode of payment: cheque

Effective date of the contract: 3rd July, 2012

Termination date of contract: 3rd July, 2014

Terms and Conditions:

  • The LANDLORD of the house agrees to rent the house to the TENANT for 24 months.
  • The TENANT agrees to pay the rent within the first week of each month.
  • In case of late payment, the TENANT will be charged a late fee which is $10 for every week that passes.
  • The TENANT would be responsible for the service, safety and maintenance of the house.
  • The TENANT cannot sublease the house to another party without the permission of the LANDLORD.


Park Markson

Jack Brown

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