A house rent lease contract is one that is entered for leasing the house. In the contract the parties to this house rent lease contract are known as lessor and lessee. The terms and conditions of the tenancy are specified in this contract which is mutually agreed upon by both the parties to the contract.

Sample House Rent Lease Contract

This house rent lease contract comes into effect from the 15th of July 2013 between Mr. Shaw Wallace who is the lessor of the property and Mr. Anthony Hobs who is the lessee in the contract.

Lessor Details:-

Mr. Shaw Wallace,

#5, Cowbridge,

South Glamorgan,

London, CF71

Lessee Details:-

Mr. Anthony Hobs,

#56, Hebburn,

Tyne and Wear,

London, NE31

Address of Leased property:-

#67, Wimborne,


London, BH21

Terms of House Rent Lease Contract :-

1. The house rent lease starts from the 15th of July 2013 and is valid for a period of three years from the said date.

2. The lessee agrees to pay an amount of 5000 pounds per month without fail on or before the 3rd day of every month into the bank account of the lessor.

3. The lessee agrees to provide a deposit of 15000 pounds to the lessor on the day of occupancy of the property.

4. The lessee agrees to maintain the property in a proper manner by taking due care of valuable items provided including electrical and plumbing faucets etc and pay the maintenance of 500 pounds every month without fail to the apartment association.

5. The property tax will be borne by the lessor only.

6. The lessee agrees to make only domestic use of the leased property and shall not undertake any business or commercial activities on the said property.

Signature of (Lessor) Mr. Shaw Wallace __________________

Signature of (Lessee) Mr. Anthony Hobs __________________

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